A Day in Oklahoma

12:58 PM
Lord help me, I’m in nature. Been here 10 min and I’ve already twisted my ankle.
1:15 PM
Y’all, I just saw a roadrunner. I’m in the middle of a god damn forest in Oklahoma. I’m pretty sure they filmed the Blair Witch Project here.
2:00 PM
Don’t be jealous but I get to spend the day at J&R Bing n’ Things/ department of motor vehicles.
3:05 PM
I know it’s weird but I’m weird so whatever. Anyway, when traveling by car and I have to stop to use the bathroom I LOVE to go from stall to stall to scan the walls of all the profanity, crude penis drawings and dirty jokes. I stopped at the Texas/Oklahoma welcome stop not really expecting anything written on the wall. Although I wouldn’t be surprised to find some sort of “Fuck Texas!” tag. Instead, I went into the last stall of this nice restroom and was met with blood splatter on the tiled walls. I peed and got the hell out of there.