Destruction Makes Me Sappy

It’s raining again here in Dallas. Not just a light trickle either. A real thunderstorm with house-shaking thunder, crackling white stripes of lightening, and flooded streets. This kind of weather always, always makes me sentimental.
I feel slightly cautious saying this, especially now in the aftermath of Moore, OK, but destruction fills me with a warm sensation that I can really only describe as joy. I’ve always thought that, as cynical as this may be, that nothing brings people together the way death and chaos can.
Sure people get their spirits warmed around the holidays, but I never could. Like some, if not most families, holiday get-togethers always end in tears and regret. My family would bicker from Christmas all the way to Easter. The three months until the 4th of July is always a period to let our throats rest and look for more ammunition.
I’d be a fool to think that misery is just confined to household holiday celebrations. Even in the work place, people would balk at company-supplied festivities and fake their way through to the end.
Anarchy, however, always brings people together. It’s the only time, that I’ve experienced, that people show actual care towards one another. A day after the tornados leveled Oklahoma, we had an emergency meeting to discuss precautionary tactics should the building become under threat. We all listened intently as the CEO and head of security cruised through details. Except for me. I missed most of the directions because I was too distracted by my own giddiness. Looking around the office break room, crowded with furled brows and wringing hands, I felt a squeal of delight rise in my throat.

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