Grundy Kill You Dead…With Cuteness

Our new little girl has arrived! To accompany our 4 cats (BIS, BES, Sudo, and Siri) and our lone dog, Marvel, we adopted a new German Shepherd puppy (so says the paperwork, although the vet says Terrier mix).
Why the name Grundy? Since our cats all have tech names and our dog’s name is comic related, we kept the canine-comics-thing going. And while DC is an acceptable name for a comic book company, it wasn’t really a name for our dog. So I picked one of my favorite characters from the DC Universe, Solomon Grundy (who got his name from a twisted children’s nursery rhyme).
Plus, we are big fans of the classic zombie, which Solomon Grundy is.
Why another animal? We’ve got a lot of love to give (just not for children). Plus Marvel is socially inept at dog parks. We thought, when she was a puppy, that she’d become friends with the cats. That never happened. So Grundy is here to not only be loved but to be a good friend for our Miss Marvel.

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