New Tattoo

I forget what an achievement it is to have written and released my fourth book. It’s truly something that not everyone can say. It’s not perfect and it’s not the best thing you’ve ever read, but damn it, I’m so very proud of myself and my new book, Masturbating with OCD (which will be available on Amazon someday).
I have a ritual where I treat myself to something special whenever I release something. With the last book I released almost 2 years ago, I snagged an original 1987 Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, and Panthor action figures.
Well, with two new books released so close together I wanted something huge.
I fell in love with a flyer, of all things, of local artist and Arts Magnet alum Jeremy Biggers and his painting series, Jaded.
2014-01-18 00.40.20
I held on to the flyer because, well, I’m possibly a hoarder and refuse to throw away anything I find inspirational and pretty. Then, while helping my mom clean, I came across an adorable picture I had never seen before of a baby me in a cute Batman onesie. I can remember being a huge Batman fan as a kid but had no idea my love went as far back as toddler age.
Baby G with baby B
After releasing the books, I got myself a new tattoo (you’ll never hear me refer to a tattoo as “ink”). Tattoos were a pretty big part of my early 20s but now in my early 30s I barely give them a thought. I had my 10 tattoos and that was that. And even if I wanted to get more, I wasn’t in any mood to start looking for reputable artists since the artists I trusted a decade ago have since moved on.
This isn’t a review of Suffer City Tattoos, this is just a post to express my love for my new tattoo and the amazingly talented and incredibly funny Stephen Hibbs. He knew exactly what I wanted and delivered. And best yet, not only was the work wonderfully and beautifully executed, but the conversation was just so much fun. Seriously, after the whole thing I was actually giddy. It made my stomach hurt by how excited and happy I was. That’s not normal.
Anyway, here’s my new art and I love it.