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The Wedding so Far

Here’s an update as to where we are in the whole wedding process. First, a big thank you to everyone who has shown their love and support. It really means a lot to Kenneth and me to have so much positivity pouring in.
We still have a little over a month to reach our goal.
Here is a little break down of where we are:
Out of our goal of $1700…
David A., Erin C., and Lydia J. helped us snag that ever important marriage license!
Patricia B. paid for the actual wedding ceremony!
Beth F., Chris G., Robbie T., Angela K., Dena J., Meredith M., Herb S., Rayna W., Harryette E., Jennifer W., Karla S., John S., Geline S., Russel S., and Carlin S. have carried us all the way to San Francisco and back!
We are just blown away by the generosity that everyone has shown us.
That just leaves the hotel, transportation, and miscellaneous stuff like food. If you haven’t left us a “wedding gift” (aka donation) please feel free to do so with no pressure from us. Go HERE to make a donation and keep track of our progress. Every little bit brings us closer to being officially married!
Thank you so very much to everyone who has donated, sent kind words of encouragement, and simply read the email.
We are almost there! Keep checking my website for updates.
Gabriel & Kenneth

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Say What?!

This is from my other site Ask a Gay Guy. I gotta say no other question has gotten us (the writers) so riled up. Go to Ask a Gay Guy and tell us what you think, read more Q&A’s, and maybe ask a Q of your own.

Dear Gay Guys,
Considering that the biological function of living creatures is to procreate, then being homosexual would make someone (minus some of the lesbians) a genetic dead end. Could this be a result of overpopulation?

Hold up!
Are you asking if homosexuality is natures answer to an overcrowded planet? There’s no more room so the homo trait is passed around more often and to more people now? Well…I have GOT to break this down. Ready? I am!
First, sweetie, I have got to honestly say that if you (or anyone) sees the world as a simple black and white assembly line of “biological creatures” than I feel sad for you (or them). It is my strong personal belief that we, humans, are here by sheer and utter accident. We are a chemical concoction gone terribly right. Sure, for some (stupid whores!) the need to “spread seed” is strong, but I gotta tell ya, there’s other ways to create. We just happen to be one of the most intelligent species on this planet and I applaud anyone who chooses to see the purpose of their existence as a way of creating more than just a baby. Not just procreation, but can’t life be about recreation and creation?
Second, if anyone out there sees homosexuals as “genetic dead end,” then what do they consider heterosexuals who choose to not or can’t procreate? What about women over the age of 50 who can longer reproduce? Would anyone ever think of asking them if they were “genetic dead ends?” And by the way, the difference between homos and the breeders who can’t breed is that if we really wanted to we could still produce.
God bless science!
Lastly, I can’t help but feel the reason for asking is the seemingly sudden abundance of homosexuals in our world now. You can thank the freedom fighters of yesteryear for making it okay for homosexuals to come out of the closet and be themselves. But I get it. We’re mainstream now. It just seems like we’re in more places than we used to be now that we are on TV and movies. But, sweetie, we’ve always been here. Either in plain sight or in hiding, we’ve always been here and we’ll ALWAYS be here. And no, we won’t help you plan your wedding.


Dear Darwin Jr.,
I don’t believe the sole biological function of living creatures is to procreate, however, it is vital to the continuation of our species. It has also been suggested that certain emotions and even the notion of monogamy evolved out of necessity for procreative purposes and to reduce infant mortality. So yeah, there’s some science to this stuff, cool huh??!?
Now on to your hypothesis that the “genetic dead end” is a result of overpopulation. Given the fact that I Fucking Love Science (shout out, look it up on Facebook), I subscribe to the theory of evolution. I don’t believe that overpopulation has been a problem long enough for humans to have undergone a genetic mutation to become gay to reduce the number of births (and infanticide if you want to look at it that way as well, although it’s kind of a wash). The idea that being gay and overpopulation are related only brings to mind that horrible movie “The Happening” (It’s the trees!!!!).
Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very intriguing line of thought, and I applaud you for invoking science here. Since there have been no studies done on this to my knowledge, I guess it could be a result barring any evidence to the contrary. But keep in mind, as you’ll learn in any economics or marketing class, correlation does not imply causation. Us Mo’s have been around since people were dying of the plague and infant mortality was high.
On another note, plenty of male same sex couples utilize egg donors and surrogates, thus circumventing the “genetic dead end” that way as well. I don’t plan on having any children, and if I do, adoption is the option, honey. I’m pretty sure we don’t need any little versions of me running around and I would probably resent them for stealing my fucking thunder. Thanks for making me think. Now go get preggo (or get someone preggo), if you can to counteract my non-contribution to society, or don’t. That’s the beauty here, even straight people can be unable to bear children or choose not to ( assuming you’re straight, but I’m going to because it’s easier to make this last point). We ALL have the power to counteract overpopulation.
I’ll leave YOU with a question: Do more and more straight couples end up or choose to be a “genetic dead end” as a result of overpopulation?
Ethan Mabry

E. Mabry

Dear L.L.G.
I do see where you are going with this idea. Although, I would say that I have to disagree. Homosexual activity and love affairs have been written and told throughout history dating back to Ancient Greece. If we compare the population numbers from then to now, the world was not overpopulated for the time. In my opinion, homosexuality plays a small role in controlling the growth of the population. There is a large problem with overpopulation. In third world countries, babies are abandoned in the streets. Children have become more disposable than plastic bags and it is our responsibility as a human race to pick up these kids and give them loving homes. By not being able to reproduce, the gay community has the opportunity to provide loving homes to those children who have less than nothing in this world. No one really knows the truth but if nature created homosexuality to fight overpopulation, it definitely is not working in some parts of the world.
Little J.