The Wedding so Far

Here’s an update as to where we are in the whole wedding process. First, a big thank you to everyone who has shown their love and support. It really means a lot to Kenneth and me to have so much positivity pouring in.
We still have a little over a month to reach our goal.
Here is a little break down of where we are:
Out of our goal of $1700…
David A., Erin C., and Lydia J. helped us snag that ever important marriage license!
Patricia B. paid for the actual wedding ceremony!
Beth F., Chris G., Robbie T., Angela K., Dena J., Meredith M., Herb S., Rayna W., Harryette E., Jennifer W., Karla S., John S., Geline S., Russel S., and Carlin S. have carried us all the way to San Francisco and back!
We are just blown away by the generosity that everyone has shown us.
That just leaves the hotel, transportation, and miscellaneous stuff like food. If you haven’t left us a “wedding gift” (aka donation) please feel free to do so with no pressure from us. Go HERE to make a donation and keep track of our progress. Every little bit brings us closer to being officially married!
Thank you so very much to everyone who has donated, sent kind words of encouragement, and simply read the email.
We are almost there! Keep checking my website for updates.
Gabriel & Kenneth

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