Where Have I Been?

Aside from being busy building an unstable empire, a couple of weeks ago I was hurried to the ER for sever pain in my side. It was my right side so I immediately thought it was an appendicitis. It was not. In fact, we (my doctors and I) have no clue what’s going in my abdomen. Just pain. It’s gotten better since then, but there’s still some discomfort. It can get pretty intense at times but nothing I can’t just wait out.
In addition to the side pain, I also peed what looked like cola. The doctors identified the discoloring as excessive amounts of blood in my urine. Which means, to them, that I must be having kidney problems.
I’ll be going in for an ultrasound soon to see if I have any stones causing trouble. Originally they thought I may have already passed one. However, I’ve always heard that it hurts. “It’s more painful than childbirth” I’ve read. I didn’t experience any of that. Just pain in my side and bloody pee.
My theory, thanks to hypochondria and internet access, is that I have developed an intense urinary tract infection perhaps brought on by the E.Coli virus taking up residence in my ureters. But I’m no medical professional.
So…who knows…
Hopefully I’ll get some answers from the ultrasound.